Explore the island of Santorini.

Suggested activities during your stay at Aghios Artemios

A visit to Santorini opens doors to a rich bouquet of experiences, as the island reveals its amazing treasures and invites you to indulge into a true culinary and romantic paradise. We love to share with each one of you our knowledge gained through the experience of many years. Our advice is unique and very much appreciated by all of our clients as to

We are happy to suggest to you a large variety of excursions and to give you further information about any activities available on the island.

Explore the island on your own or with a guided tour and visit the cosmopolitan towns of Santorini for culinary and shopping experiences or seek some more peaceful villages surrounded by vineyards to indulge your senses. Escape to the south part of the island and enjoy deep blue waters and beaches with black sand and amazing volcanic formations. We shall give us our advice taking into consideration what suits best for you.

Embark on a catamaran/yacht cruise of the Caldera or the Aegean Sea to witness the exceptional beauty of Santorini, its hidden treasures and the brightest of sunsets. Cruises can be organized with a group or privately.


Let us introduce you to the restaurants with best traditional Greek dishes & fish. It is our pleasure to advise you with particular care as to which restaurant and its location suits best for you to enjoy your meal at the required time.

Horse Riding in Santorini
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